Collagen-containing foods guide

Do you want to increase collagen production for healthier skin, hair and joints? So naturally foods containing collagen The guide is for you …

Do you want to increase collagen production for healthier skin, hair and joints? So naturally foods containing collagen The guide is for you! Thanks to the foods you will include in your daily diet, you can support your body to secrete more collagen.

You can get collagen from natural sources

First of all, let’s give general information about collagen: It is a kind of protein found in the body. It has a mission in points such as pleasant hair, shining skin, no sagging while losing weight, bone, muscle and joint health. Foods with Collagen be sure in your life; In this way, you can stay younger and fitter.

1) First in the list of foods with collagen

Raw garlic is more beneficial

Can you make contact in the middle of garlic and collagen? Yes, it supports collagen production with its sulfur content. In particular, the consumption of raw garlic is more beneficial. Do not be afraid of its smell, because we will recommend you an excellent procedure: Cut a small clove of garlic into three or four segments, swallow it as a pill with a tea glass of water. Since you do not chew it, it will not smell in the mouth.

2) Of course marrow bone broth has collagen

You can drink a cup of tea every day

You can make marrow bone broth at home or you can buy it ready-made from reputable brands. You can add bone broth to all your meals, including soups. It is also supportive for a strong immune system. If you wish, you can drink a tea glass of marrow bone broth every day and make a collagen cure for a month. It will help in reducing hair loss.


3) One of the foods with collagen is fish

You can choose seasonal fish.

As you know, there are two types of collagen supplements: Fish and bovine collagen. If so, you can often consume fish to get it from its main source. Of course, not frying; healthily by cooking in the oven or on the grill. Fish is also beneficial for maintaining and strengthening brain health. You can increase fish consumption for stronger bone, muscle and joint system.

4) Orange, grapefruit boosts collagen

You can add it to salads and drinks.

Citrus cluster fruits, which we can call a cure for every problem, are useful to increase collagen production. We already know the effect of grapefruit on weight loss, now one more feature has been added. For example, you can eat a large grapefruit for a mid-afternoon meal or add the juice of half a lemon to your first juice in the morning. Orange adds a full boost of flavor and collagen to green salads; keep it in mind.

7) Collagen-containing foods include spinach

You can eat it raw or cooked.

If our goal is nicer skin, healthy hair and nails, spinach can help us. In fact, all leafy greens such as kale and chard also increase collagen production. If possible, try to consume it raw. You should know that the taste of spinach in drinks is popular. Of course, spinach with olive oil and various appetizers are also your collagen support.

8) Turkey and chicken increase collagen production

Useful for weight loss and muscles

Of course, turkey and chicken meat are included in our guide to foods containing collagen with its protein structure. These foods, which help maintain form and keep you full for a long time, support the natural increase of collagen in the body. A great collagen salad: With raw baby spinach, grilled chicken breast slices, orange, olive oil and a little garlic grated, you can get enough of collagen in one meal.

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9) You can choose cashew nuts for main and middle meals

You can also eat cashew butter.

Nuts are health friendly thanks to the vitamins, minerals and beneficial oil they contain. However, especially cashews are in the middle of the foods that contain collagen. For example, you can eat a handful of coffee in the middle of the meal, or you can add it to the salad we just described. You can use it in clean cakes and desserts.

10) One of the foods with collagen is tomato

Make room for tomatoes in grocery shopping

Beneficial for heart and skin health, tomatoes also increase collagen production. You can eat it raw or cooked. Zati is the most pleasant of the summer season, isn’t it? You can meet the need for natural collagen with what you add to tomato or meat and vegetable dishes in a huge bowl of salad.

11) Collagen-containing foods example egg white

Egg yolk is also useful 🙂

We were very happy when we learned that egg white, an indispensable part of healthy nutrition programs, increases the production of collagen in the body. Because, this quality protein source has collagen supporting elements for our holistic fitness as in weight control. So, we wish you healing in advance.

To summarize, the list of foods with collagen:

There are both delicious and healthy foods.
  1. Raspberry
  2. Blackberry
  3. Strawberry
  4. Grapefruit
  5. Beet
  6. Orange
  7. Spinach
  8. Castle
  9. Beet
  10. Egg
  11. Garlic
  12. Turkey meat
  13. bone broth
  14. The fish
  15. chicken broth

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Examples of foods containing collagen can be given. Well, are you wondering what does collagen do? You can read our special news below, it offers you excellent information.

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