You can see a dressing nurse or an influencer running during fashion weeks, and you can pay $40 or $850. Celebrating its 20th birthday this …

You can see a dressing nurse or an influencer running during fashion weeks, and you can pay $40 or $850. Celebrating its 20th birthday this year, Crocs slippers continue to break sales records in the midst of the debate between aesthetics and tastelessness.

No piece of fashion has bet on controversy and conflict as much as it does. These colorful slippers, whose adjectives such as “extremely cool” or “a monument of ugliness” are carelessly on their shoulders, have turned their ordinary journey to be used in gardening or at sea 20 years ago into a popular success story with the strength of the comfort and convenience they always promised. .


In the world of high fashion and crème de la crème, plastic slippers, which Time magazine described as “the scariest discovery in the world” in 2010, “rising” on the heels bestowed by Demna Gvasalia, with a cool name suitable for that world, “Croque Madame” figuring the supply as ”; It has excited many social groups from famous names to TikTok generation, from fashionistas to sociologists.

What could be the common denominator between Justin Bieber and the former Minister of Health of France, Roselyne Bachelot? Or where could rapper Nicki Minaj and a housewife cross paths? We examine the story and unstoppable rise of crocs, who played an important role in the democratization of fashion, left their mark on 2021 with a number of 2.25 billion Euros, 600 million pairs have been sold since 2002, and are in the middle of the conflict between love and hate.


Stain-proof, odorless and antibacterial slippers designed by three Canadian young chemistry students to wear on ship decks in 2002 increase their popularity with Y2K fashion in the 2000s. It is no coincidence that crocs, worn under Britney Spears’ juicy couture velvet tracksuits, combined with Lindsay Lohan’s pajamas, complementing strapless tops and low-waisted trousers, were talked about again in 2022, when the 2000s fashion came back.

Today, the colorful crocs that overlap with the power of TikTok youth, collaborated with Justin Bieber twice, rapper Nicki Minaj’s pink and black crocs decorated with Chanel charms shook the social media, French vlogger Lena Situations with three million followers ‘s (@lenamahfouf) appearing in his vlogs with his crocs; Shows how popular slippers are.


The first official meeting of luxury with these colorful, comfortable and practical slippers took place on September 19, 2016 at London Fashion Week, where Christopher Kane took them on the runway.

While Christopher Kane X Crocs, decorated with marble patterns and red charms, beamed from the podium to the pages of ELLE and other fashion magazines and met the elitist world of luxury, they strengthen their privileged position with the fact that they are produced in few numbers for the brand.

The crocs’ adventures on the fashion scene, which began with Christopher Kane, continue in 2017 with the launch of Balenciaga wedge-heeled crocs. Despite the criticism, the fact that a pair of 10-centimeter-high crocs in pink, yellow and beige, decorated with various “jibbitz”s, is on sale for 680 euros as of January 2018, does not stop the fans and after the sale is out of stock.


Justin bieber

The usage area of ​​genderless crocs is so wide that… Socket can be combined with a stocking, linen dress, tights or a dress with deep slits, and it quickly harmonizes with any style, every time, without opposing or tiring the eyes.

Known as a symbol of comfort and casual wear, the growing popularity of crocs during the pandemic is compounded by Balenciaga’s treatment of it as a stiletto and a slim heel.

The juxtaposition of a piece that can be considered as a “domestic”, in other words, a slipper with a connotation of “domestic”, with the stiletto-specific high heel identified with elegance, takes it from the “inside” and “outwards”, “higher”. The eight-centimeter-high heeled crocs are called the French sandwich “Croque Madame”; Along with Demna Gvasalia’s humorous point of view, it symbolizes the feminization of slippers that had been considered genderless for years, and her flirting with a more sophisticated and “snobbish” world with a French name.


The price of high-heeled Balenciaga crocs, produced in green, gray and black colors, is not yet obvious, but considering the price three years ago (680 Euros), it is obvious that they will be sold in very high numbers compared to the classic ones.

From decks to supermarkets, from hospitals to streets, from the catwalks to the red carpet (musician Questlove’s golden crocs at the 2021 Oscars), crocs from Rihanna to celebrities like Bella Hadid and Justin Bieber, from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. In the words of costume and accessories curator Colleen Hill, “They manage to make a name for themselves with the choice of a famous name in a special place”.


Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Author Alice Pfeiffer, on the other hand, approaches the juxtaposition of a democratic product with the luxury world as a social class problem in her book “Le Gout du Moche” (The Ugly Pleasure): “In the past, Paul Poiret was inspired by Asia and Yves Saint Laurent by North Africa, they reflected the ‘exotic’ culture of those worlds in their collections. We can interpret the integration of Crocs into the luxury world as a social class exoticism.”

Whether you use the Crocs in their easiest and most comfortable form or with the Balenciaga high-heeled version, you can look at them in a completely different way after this post, especially after reading the intellectual debate they have created.

Although integrated into high fashion and subject to class problems, crocs are ready to be our most comfortable and loyal accompaniments to evening parties from the beach with their fun forms, empowering colors and practical uses.

Article: Selin Milosyan


Retrieved from ELLE Turkey April 2022 issue.

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