Organized for the second time this year, the ELLE Better Digital Women’s Event brought to the fore once again the women who surprise, produce …

Organized for the second time this year, the ELLE Better Digital Women’s Event brought to the fore once again the women who surprise, produce and inspire all of us with what they do. Sponsored by Tencel, Otokoç, McDonald’s and Natureage Collagen, at ELLE Better held on April 28, Eco-Preneur Spirit, Sweat of Mind, Beautiful in a Glass Roof Car, 1+1 View of Life, Lady’s Name is Spring, 1+1 Style Game, Red-White Ladies , Travel Where? The speakers, each more expensive than the other, who participated in eight panels under their titles, inspired the audience with their content and new ideas.

ELLE is not only a fashion, style and elegance magazine, but we attach great importance to including inspiring names and stories in each new issue. ELLE Better Vol.2 is about to be an extension of this. First of all, ELLE Better, which we did last year, again in April, is moving towards becoming another classic and very strong ELLE TURKEY arrangement.

In ELLE Better Vol.2, which started with the welcome speech of the host Elif Özkul, throughout the day, women from different disciplines shared inspiring stories about the ideology of sustainability, strengthening the connection between nature and people and increasing our quality of life.

This year, ELLE Better, whose session sponsors are Tencel, Otokoç, McDonald’s and generic sponsor Naturagen Collagen, is a digital event that gathers women who offer solutions to each other with inspiring, innovative and creative ideas, and who are role models to each other with their experiences, around the environmental realities of the world. Organized for the first time in April last year (again), ELLE Better started with the opening speech of ELLE Turkey Editorial Director Melda Narmanlı Çimen. Emphasizing that ELLE magazines, which are read by 25 million women in 46 countries every month, are not just fashion, style and beauty publications, Melda Narmanlı Çimen said, “The first and only purpose of this magazine, which was founded by Helene Gordon Lazareff in 1945, is to enlighten French women and to create a new libertarian tone that defends women’s rights. has been catch. We, as ELLE Turkey, are the creators and supporters of every project that carries the female mind, female sensibility, female rights and female spirit.” So why is ELLE Better a specifically (digital) female event? As Melda Narmanlı Çimen said, “The world desperately needs a woman’s point of view, heart and compassion.”


Tencel, the sponsor of the first panel of ELLE Better, is one of the brands that pioneered the environmental movement in the fashion industry, encouraging its consumers to choose the right one for a better world and future. The brand, which proudly made a name for itself with its environmentally sensitive works in the fashion industry with the “find the good one” campaign launched last year, has fabrics that can be biodegraded or recycled when its useful life is completed, lyocell made of fibers and botanical origin fibers.

The moderator of the ECO-PRENEUR RUH panel, which we can define as developing environmentally sustainable business models and investing in this field, was the founder of the Styleboom blog, academician Burçin Akgün Ünaldı. Ünaldı is a pioneer of ideas and inspiration with his blog and Instagram page where he produces content on the fashion industry and economics. The guests were sustainable living activist and DK Store founder Dilara Koçak, second-generation founder of Original Seconds, a second-hand luxury fashion platform, Eda Gürkaynak, and Elli2 Nightwear co-founders Eda Dayıoğlu and Nazan Suçiçek.

Burçin Akgün Ünaldı “We all know the point our world has reached. The climate crisis, the ever-increasing greenhouse gas emissions, the fires and disasters affecting the whole world due to climate change… There is something we can all do to prevent the damage we have done to our world, which is the home and home of all living things. To say stop, we have to slow down and choose what is beautiful for our world under all circumstances. In this sense, it is really valuable that sustainable brands like Lenzing increase and help us make sustainable choices in every field. We will talk to my guests about their own sustainability stories, we will take heart and inspiration from them.” Deniz Sağdıç, who turns all kinds of waste and used materials into works of art with forward and recycling, Dilara Koçak, who is devoted to healthy nutrition, Eda Gürkaynak, the second generation founder and manager of the Original Seconds brand, which aims an alternative to excessive production and consumption and a circular fashion movement, and sustainable Elli2. founders Nazan Suüldür and Eda Dayıoğlu shared their stories and experiences and presented new ideas in this panel.


Anyone who signed up for ELLE Better and spent the day with us knows. Reading the summary is one thing, listening to the actual panels is another.

Continuing with the second panel of the day titled MIND TERRY, ELLE Better, moderator, ELLE Turkey Editor-in-Chief Suzan Yurdacan hosted three names who inspired many women with their entrepreneurial stories, which are also frequently featured on ELLE’s pages: Ece Çiftçi, the founder and president of the SosyalBen Foundation. , Melisa Tapan, the founder of Gate 27, a creative address for artists, and Serena Uzyel, who announced the fashion brand she created with her own name around the world.

Sponsored by Otokoç, GLASS CEILING IS BEAUTIFUL IN CAR was the third panel of the day. Otokoç Automotive, which continues its efforts to support sports and social development with its responsible brand identity and sets an example for many brands in this regard, launched the ‘Beautiful in a Glass Roof Car’ awareness project on March 8, International Women’s Day, in which it draws attention to gender-based judgments and all kinds of invisible imperfections that prevent women from reaching their potential. It had started in. Esra Arslanbaş Kaynak, Marketing Manager of Otokoç Automotive, acted as the moderator of the third panel where this project and success stories in the field of sports were included. The three female guests on the panel, Fenerbahçe Club female football team player Demet Bozkurt, Karting Athlete-2021 Turkey Karting Formula Senior Women’s Third Place Seda Kaçan and A National volleyball team player Simge Aköz have in common their success in sports.

1+1 LIFE LOOK passed in an atmosphere of sincere conversation. Actress Canan Ergüder, who has a successful career in theater and cinema, answered the questions of ELLE Turkey Editorial Director Melda Narmanlı Çimen with examples from her professional and private life.


The title of the fourth and most emotional panel of the day was a reference to the name of the invaluable fashion designer Bahar Korçan, whom we lost very recently: The Lady’s Name is Bahar.

The fourth panel, named WOMAN’S NAME BAHAR, was the most emotional excuse to commemorate the precious fashion designer Bahar Korçan, who we lost recently. The designer and manager Bige Ökten, the founder of the Lug Von Siga brand, fashion designer Gül Ağış and the artist Yonca Evcimik, who talked about dear Bahar Korçan in ELLE Better, the moderator was the creative producer, “story teller” Elif Dağdeviren. The common point of all of them was that they were close friends who knew Bahar Korçan very well and had many memories with him.

It is impossible not to have a style-oriented panel at an event organized by ELLE Turkey. Our Fashion Director Aslı Asil and Bige Önal talked about 2022 fashion and trends.

When style is at the center of the 1+1 STYLE GAME, the moderator of this bilateral meeting, Aslı Asil, Fashion Director of ELLE, and actress Bige Önal met for a pleasant conversation focused on style and fashion.

The fifth panel sponsor, titled RED-WHITE LADIES, was McDonald’s Turkey, which supports all women fighting for their dreams and goals. The participants of this session, moderated by Oğuz Uçanlar, CEO of McDonald’s Turkey, which works to prevent gender discrimination and prejudices in sports and to empower and encourage women in business life, A National Women’s Volleyball Group and Fenerbahçe Opet Captain Eda Fazilet and A National Women’s Football Team Technical Director It was Necla Güngör Kıragası.

The last and sixth panel of the day, TRAVEL WHERE TOGETHER?, focused on travel and travel concepts. Travel writer and consultant Özlem Avcıoğlu, Jules Verne General Manager Ayşe Yağcı Büyükpınar, Simurg Inn founder Dilara Karabay ELLE Turkey Editorial Director Melda Narmanlı answered Çimen’s questions about travel this time. shared his predictions about how we will travel in the long future.

With all its panels, ELLE Better 2022 once again (in keeping with its purpose) provided a day full of inspiration and new ideas.

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