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How Butt Injections Nearly Left One Woman Dead

Last year, a Harlem woman suffered a life-threatening reaction to a butt injection after two unidentified women dropped her off at a Manhattan hospital. Maxine Bynum, 53, was rushed to the Jacobi Medical Center after the two women allegedly drove her there in a BMW SUV. When she arrived, she was partially naked and unconscious. The unidentified women claimed they saw her in distress and contacted hospital staff. When she arrived, they told police that the procedure had gone wrong and that she was in a state of shock.

The two women who were arrested have denied knowing the identity of the woman who was pronounced dead at the hospital. The New York State Medical Examiner’s Office has confirmed that the woman had received buttocks injections but declined to give further details. The Medical Examiner’s Office will investigate the incident, but the death is suspected to be a result of butt injections. The investigation continues.

How Butt Injections Nearly Left One Woman Dead

How Butt Injections Nearly Left One Woman Dead

Police have not yet disclosed the cause of the woman’s death, but they did confirm that she had received butt injections. They did not say what was injected, but the drug had been used for illegal purposes. The two women claimed to have discovered her near Woodlawn Cemetery and drove her to the hospital. They had left her half-naked when they dropped her off. The doctors pronounced her dead and discovered multiple injection marks in her butt. The two women had no previous experience with the procedure, but both were convicted of the crime.

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The case is the latest in a string of cases where butt injections have almost left one woman dead. In September 2021, two women were arrested and are facing felony charges. A spokesperson for the NYPD says that the city’s medical examiner is investigating the incident. While the official cause of death is not yet known, the procedure is considered to be a life-threatening one, if done incorrectly.

The woman was dropped off at Jacobi Medical Center at 1:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. Her two friends claimed to have found her near a Woodlawn cemetery and drove her to the hospital. She was half-naked and died after being found unconscious. However, doctors pronounced her dead, and discovered multiple injection marks on her butt. The police are investigating the case and have released the names of the suspects.

The woman’s death was confirmed by the police. The substance that caused the embolism was not disclosed. The two women claimed to have discovered the woman near Woodlawn Cemetery and had driven her to the hospital. The pair reportedly found the woman half-naked and drove her to the hospital. The women then allegedly abandoned her BMW SUV and were arrested. They later pleaded guilty to murder.

The woman was found dead at the hospital shortly after she was dropped off. Her two companions said they had spotted her half-naked body near a cemetery and had driven her to the hospital. She was half-naked when she was dropped off. Once inside the hospital, doctors were unable to revive her, but they had found multiple injections on her butt. The two women had left her SUV at the hospital before she died.

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The woman died in the hospital shortly after the procedure. The investigation was completed by the medical examiner. A spokesperson for the NYPD said the two women were convicted of murder. The two women were charged with the woman’s death in September, but it is still unclear if they are guilty. The investigation is ongoing. The doctors will determine the cause of the death, butt injections could have led to her demise.

The woman who died from butt injections in New York was rushed to the hospital after receiving an injection. Her doctors did not reveal the substance, but they did say that the procedure caused silicone embolisms. But the city’s medical examiner will investigate the incident. If the procedure is fatal, the police will be investigating the cause of death. Even though the incident happened in September 2015, the cause of death has not been confirmed yet.

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