Kiko Milano draws attention to our role in saving the oceans and our world with the Blue Me collection, which was created on the basis of …

Kiko Milano draws attention to our role in saving the oceans and our world with the Blue Me collection, which was created on the basis of sustainability this fall.

Blue Me collection, with its unique color palette inspired by the oceans, brings the concept of “Responsible Beauty” to the agenda of make-up lovers with its environmentally friendly ingredients and packaging, upcycled (upcycled) components and formulas consisting of naturally soluble ingredients.

Believing that even the smallest actions will have a great impact on protecting our planet and oceans, Kiko Milano is starting a collaboration with Plastik Bank, inspired by the Blue Me collection. Through this agreement with Plastic Bank, which operates to tackle plastic pollution in the oceans, Kiko Milano will support the collection and recycling of 4.6 million disposable plastic bottle bottoms from the oceans throughout the year. The size of recycled and recyclable plastic in cooperation with Plastic Bank will be exactly twice the size of the plastic used in the packaging of the Blue Me collection.

Drawing attention to the understanding of “responsible beauty” with its contents and packaging, the Blue Me collection promises maximum effective make-up appearance with its works that do not compromise their performance in any way. This autumn, Kiko Milano makes a difference with its innovative products such as 36-hour effective mascara, 3D effect lipstick and 2-in-1 lipstick and blush in the Blue Me collection.

36 hour effect mascara: 36H Long Lasting & Volume Effect Mascara
The mascara, which gives permanent volume for 36 hours, offers a great look all day long. The mascara with its oval-shaped fiber applicator gives the lashes the appearance of maximum clarity and does not clump. The piece, which provides a strong volume for 36 hours, is vegan and produced from 99% natural ingredients.


Blue Me Natural Look Lip & Cheek
2 in 1 medium lipstick and blush with a natural finish is a very suitable product for those who love natural tones on the lips and cheeks. The work, which has a formula enriched with natural ingredients, has Biscuit, Mauve or Rose color options.

Blue Me 3D Effect Lipstick Duo
The vegan product, which offers a 3D effect balm at one end and a creamy lipstick option at the other, gives the lips a full and impressive look. The lipstick, which has Rosy Nude, Yes Mauve or Think Red color options, will be the favorite of those who love the 3D effect on their lips.

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