There are endless options in the middle of crime podcasts, but when Kim Kardashian gets involved, we are sure that this podcast will attract …

There are endless options in the middle of crime podcasts, but when Kim Kardashian gets involved, we are sure that this podcast will attract thousands of listeners. Kardashian, who has talked about her passion for reforming America’s crime and criminal justice system over the years, enrolled in a law school and passed the ‘baby bar exam’ in 2021. Before her success in this exam, Kardashian, who signed a memorandum with Spotify in 2020, decided to release a crime podcast series titled ‘The System’.

“The first term is about a really crazy case where a man was sentenced to death for a triple murder that took place in Ohio,” Kardashian told Interview. Although she did not openly reveal the name of the case that will be scrutinized in the first part, Kardashian took part in the defense of the case of a man sentenced to death in 2019. Kevin Keith claimed that he was wrongfully convicted of the murders of three people after Kim visited him in prison and tweeted repeatedly to have him on trial.

“I heard about Kevin Keith’s case last year, and the more I learned about it, the more I believed the world should hear about what happened to him,” Kardashian tweeted. He came in his days,” he added.

During the interview, when asked why she is so passionate about defending people who have been wrongfully tried, Kim Kardashian replied, “I just saw something unfair on social media and I didn’t understand it. A woman who did nothing violent and had never even received a traffic ticket before was tried in a drug case and sentenced to one-on-one with Charles Manson. When I saw this, I couldn’t make any sense and realized that he should have a more competent lawyer. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know and decided to educate myself about it,” she said.


Kardashian continues to explain that a visit to a women’s reformatory opens her eyes to the people behind these stories, who have committed some kind of crime for a man in more than one life. I mean, I probably did something stupid. At some point and I was probably only a few decisions away from being in a similar situation, it could have been any of us. I couldn’t stop seeing how broken the system was. I have to help as many people as I can. These people “He’s being imprisoned and nobody cares. That’s very sad.”

Kardashian, who has put herself forward in many branches, is now a podcast series creator while taking firm steps forward in television shows, the world of fashion and cosmetics. We don’t know when the ‘The System’ podcast series will be released but it’s sure to be a hit on Spotify!

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