Gigi Hadid, who moved from Los Angeles to New York nearly a decade ago, realized how cold and harsh the winters were! Hadid, who has modeled …

Gigi Hadid, who moved from Los Angeles to New York nearly a decade ago, realized how cold and harsh the winters were! Hadid, who has modeled the collections of numerous brands throughout her career, decided to establish her own brand this time. Hadid, who founded a knitwear brand called ‘Guest in Residence’, gave hints about the creative process by sharing behind-the-scenes views of her brand on Instagram last month.

In a post on the brand’s Instagram account, “Cashmere, a symbol of elegance and refined comfort, has long been seen as an unattainable luxury for some. Our Creative Manager, Gigi Hadid, is launching new offerings at more affordable prices, hoping to invite a wider audience into the world of luxury knitwear.”

Launched on September 7, the Guest in Residence brand offers various cashmere modules such as tracksuits, hoodies, blouses, scarves and hats. Offering a shopping option under $400 with options in different and fun colors, Hadid said in the press release, “We are guests on this planet and in our bodies. Guest in our clothes. Guests when we travel or step out of our comfort zone. We can even feel like guests, we can navigate life while learning who we are. The only guarantee as a guest is that your trip is not permanent. Therefore, time is a guest’s last luxury. We designed Guest In Residence with time in mind. Although our own time is limited, we have begun to create heirlooms of the future by building segments with integrity and intent. We hope our artworks represent lives well lived generations long,” he wrote.

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Hadid, who has previous experience in design, designed four collections with Tommy Hilfiger, a capsule collection with Vogue Eyewear in 2017, and a swimsuit collection with Frankie’s Bikinis in the past months. Explaining that she was waiting to launch her brand in real time, Hadid said, “I didn’t want to rush it. I knew a real idea would come to me at a time of truth,” he said.

Reflecting on her brand the costs she gained while growing up with her family, Hadid mentioned that her family sees quality cuts as an investment. Sourcing the best quality cashmere from Central Mongolia, Hadid has crafted all Guest in Residence styles from a biodegradable yarn that provides the longevity that knitwear lovers demand.

In order to continue Hadid’s creative vision, valuable names from the department were also recruited to the Guest in Residence brand. While Sijeo Kim, who previously worked at The Row, worked as the chief designer of the brand, Gabriella Karefa Johnson, Hadid’s close friend and fashion editor, was chosen as the Art Director, while Julia Wagner was chosen as the Art Director. The first campaign, shot by Pablo Di Prima, followed a path of 100 portraits, from young models to a 100-year-old model.

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