Meghan Markle is back on the UK stage! Making a speech on British soil for the first time after announcing her decision to leave the Royal …

Meghan Markle is back on the UK stage! Making a speech on British soil for the first time after announcing her decision to leave the Royal Family two years ago, Meghan Markle attended the ‘One Young World’ summit in Manchester, attended by delegates from 200 different countries. “It’s so nice to be back in England,” said Markle, who started her speech with a smile.

Speaking to two thousand young delegates, Markle said, “I see the world through my children’s eyes and imagine what the world will be like when they grow up. It is you who are bringing about the necessary and positive change in the world right now. That is why I am grateful to speak in your presence.”

On the first day of the summit, while the youth at Manchester Bridgewater Hall were getting more excited by Markle’s speech, young delegates and ambassadors came here to share their ideas for a better future. Over the next four days, young leaders will be joined by advisors and influential individuals, including thinkers, politicians, and role models, to inspire and lead valuable discussions on topics such as gender inequality, misinformation, conflict prevention, climate change.

The Duchess of Sussex has been an ambassador for this youth-focused event since its 2014 climax in Dublin, where she participated in a panel discussion challenging media sexist stereotypes and prejudices. Describing her experiences while attending her first climax in her speech on September 5, Markle said, “And there I was, the girl in the Suits. I was surrounded by world leaders, humanitarians, prime ministers and activists, people I have long and deeply respected and admired. And I was not allowed in. given, I was able to sit in an armchair at the table.” she said.


“This experience surprised me so much that I think I even kept my little placemat with my name on it. Just proof – proof that I was there, proof that I was related, because the truth is, I wasn’t sure I was related,” said Markle. “It reflected the present and the future. And I want to make this point because more than once I’ve been talking to young girls about the coming years. About what you’re going to do, about what you need to adopt from previous generations to correct, and also what legacy you’re going to leave. Too often we neglect the point in this – “You are doing that now. You are here, in this moment, where it all began.”

While thanking the auditorium, Meghan received an enthusiastic applause as the entire place applauded and cheered for almost two minutes after she returned to her seat. Before the speech, Meghan and Harry took center stage to watch the flags of each country represented at the One Young World Summit. For the first time at the event, a flag was carried for Refugee Nations, an orange and blue design that mimics the colors often used for life jackets and life rafts. Since its introduction at the 2016 Olympics, it has become a symbol of hope.

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