The theme of our 4-day photo and video shoot with many of the award winners at the 2022 ELLE STYLE AWARDS X MAC night held in Dıvan Kuruçeşme on …

The theme of our 4-day photo and video shoot with many of the award winners at the 2022 ELLE STYLE AWARDS X MAC night held in Dıvan Kuruçeşme on the night of May 30 was “Show Your Colors” boldly with your shape, passion and courage. A colorful “ELLE HOUSE” emerged with the contributions of all the precious heats with us and our amazing shooting team. A residence where everyone can express themselves without limits, where free games can be played with fashion, and where they respect each other’s spaces and stories…

In honor of our night where we rewarded styles that inspire, make a difference and make you proud of their choices, we asked them the following questions: “What does it mean to be an owner of style and style in general? How would you describe your style? What is the secret of your success? What are your priorities in your dreams for the future?”

Come on, open the doors, come in too…

CREATIVE MANAGER: Alkan Akdamar / Otherside
ART DIRECTOR: Climate Arsiya
PRODUCER: Zeynep Altinkut / PPR Istanbul
HAIR: Doğukan Punar, Batuhan Sancar / DMB Hair Studio
MAKEUP: Ali Wish Ozdemir
MAKEUP ASSISTANTS: Batuhan Sara, Tekçe Selçik
Hüseyin Kaygusuz, Ela Pak, Ebru Yaman / with MAC products
RETOUCHER: İrem Bahar Parlak
FASHION GROUP: Gizem İnce, Damla Hasanreisoğlu, Dilara Vural
PROP STYLIST: Betül Erisir / PPR Istanbul
SET DECOR GROUP: Bahadır Altıntürk, Recai Sadi, Haydar Çobanoğlu / PPR Istanbul
DECORS: Artı Contemporary, Decohaus, House of Junk, Pera Sculpture

Sustainable Fashion Designer of the Year

“I’m working on a formula that can make people release satisfaction hormones as if they’ve bought something new, without selling anything new.”

“I don’t think being stylish is about clothes. It may be about how much you read and how many questions you ask. I think it involves questioning life and systems by prioritizing being authentic. I can describe my own style as natural, valuing and lively. It’s the life journey that brought me here, to where I am. “What can I say about it? I don’t think I’ve actually moved anywhere yet, I’m in awe, what’s the matter? As for my dreams, I’m working on a formula that can make people release the satisfaction hormone as if they’ve bought something new, without selling anything new.”

Stylish Business Person of the Year

“For us, style is the reflection of a person’s personality, life choices, and experiences. In its current form, we have a style that is somewhat avant-garde, somewhat classical, somewhat plain, somewhat maximalist, somewhat childish and somewhat mature, somewhat masculine and somewhat feminine, consisting of tight contrasts! Being a student has inspired us in every way. Both in terms of style and in business life. They are the turning points in our lives and being able to study at METU, LSE, Goldsmiths College with a scholarship. And we are very lucky that Nackiyé became a world brand from day one. He shared his journey, his unique stance and his attitude towards no one else. We want to grow by preserving its unique spirit.

“Since our childhood, we have liked people who have a deep, intellectual and brand new style. Our style is also a reflection of our own life and preferences.”

Style Discovery of the Year

“For me, style is one of the means by which a person can reflect his originality. It is a tool through which I can express and distinguish my character and myself. Characterizing the clothes I choose and being able to maintain a continuous line without succumbing to the movement of fashion is also the most important point of style for me. My own style is also based on what I have told you. I can describe it as timeless, original, natural and especially comfortable. I have a different definition of being successful. Although success is equated with popularity today, I think it actually means stability in our profession. My belief in my profession and my persistence are the secret of my success so far. Naturally, more I have a long road ahead of me, I hope I can continue this way without losing my faith and stability. I think the most important turning points in my profession were the test shots. Every test shoot that I thought ended in failure actually carried me forward. There were moments that made me happy, saw my shortcomings, and reinforced my faith. I dream of doing my job for many years. While doing this, I want to make sure that the characters I create and the stories I’m in are projects that both feed my soul and shed light on the society, and I always dream of choosing projects where I can find these criteria.”

“The most important point of my style is to be able to characterize the clothes I choose and to be able to maintain a continuous line without succumbing to the movement of fashion.”

Y Actor of the Modern Style

“Style and fashion is one of the ways to talk about yourself. It’s actually to bring out the pieces in your own way by including your taste when talking about yourself. I think that having a style comes from establishing this equation correctly. To reveal yourself, your character, and perhaps the side of you that you want to show, with style. I usually I try to dress effortlessly and effortlessly. I care about what I wear to make me feel confident. When it comes to success, every new project is a new step in a career journey. And as you take these steps, you begin to be exposed to what is expected of you. For a creative person, this can be deceiving. Sometimes. Not doing what is expected of me in my career and choosing my own path has taken me more comfortably to where I want and takes me to where I want.Success is a very subjective concept, I always acted with the motivation of creativity instead of popularity; I also feel joyful where I am. I dream of doing works where we can convey every texture of life to the other side with bold narrators. It is my greatest wish to continue doing my job that I love so passionately.”

“Not doing what is expected of me in my career journey and choosing my own path has taken me more comfortably to where I want to go.”

Emerging Fashion Photographer of the Year

“I define the secret of success as being able to come out of the crisis in the production environment with a healthy result. I attribute my being able to do this to being a person who has always studied before, who can focus on enjoying the moment, who can find happy arms to hold on, and who is very willing to produce. Everything I see as personal success. My breaking point was the moments when I chose my own voice, my being, my heart and spoke about these feelings without fear. All these words made me a much more virtuous person. I think that’s why I can make it bloom. I think the secret of success is to focus on the good things, to want to shine them, to be willing to work hard for this cause, to change and to develop.”

“I want to be a person who follows his dreams, develops and produces. In this context, I intend to open doors and support young people who want to live their lives by producing to the fullest like me.”

Emerging Designer of the Year

“Style is more than trend and fashion, I think it means to wear what suits you. Since my childhood, I have always admired the clothes of my grandparents, my parents, their clothes shaped my gusto. Behind my interest in vintage is my family heritage. I love to interpret the pieces I have inherited. I love it. I don’t like to wear products that are popular, that stand out, that shout. I think the difference that brought us here as Siédres is the use of patterns and colors. People loved these colors and patterns, they said that they felt satisfied when they came to the store, this is the brand’s greatest achievement. Thanks to the support that my wife Emir gave me, we both created our brand and created our brand and we have beautiful projects. We made the Siédres men’s collection for the first time. I loved the collection and I am very excited. Here again, there are many colors and designs, as in the women’s collection. Instead of designing different clothes at a time when it was indispensable, we took care to make unisex clothes that took their place in both collections. One of our biggest projects is to open a design office in London next term.”

“I think the difference that brought us here as Siédres is the use of patterns and colors.”

Model of the Year

“For me, having a style means acting according to one’s own mood. The harmony of the environment and the place to go are also important criteria. However, being able to create the style you like, how you want to see yourself when you look in the mirror, is the essence of the job. I know what they will add to me in my works. It helps me to be successful. It is my only dream to continue my career successfully.”

“Having style is all about reflecting my character and the pieces that identify with me, I like to go on my clothes that reflect me. Sometimes I exaggerate, but I try to exaggerate consistently. I can have a fun but also quick style recipe that reflects me completely. It just changes shape according to the place I go, the environment I enter. The real secret of my success is that I can look at the big picture and take risks, but to take risks, I need to follow certain statements. I believe that the right risks will always lead to success, of course, but it is necessary to add patience to this. Believing in yourself is the most important element in the dynamics of risk. Healthy in the middle of my projects and there is the foundation to raise happy children, this is my biggest dream! This will give me peace and the opportunity to fulfill my dreams, no matter what part of the world I am in.”

“We believe that the right risks will always lead to success, but it is necessary to add patience to the usual.”

Makeup Artist of the Year
“Having style defines one’s stance, state and style in life. It is not only about what and how I wear it, but also about my stance against life, the way I wear it. Because everything complements each other. I have a masculine style, but with the accessories I use, my bag. I break it with my hair and nail polish. For me, masculine equals feminine. It’s all about balancing. This also applies to my business life. I think keeping everything stable and working hard is the secret to success. And really loving what you do naturally. Considering what I sacrificed for myself… That’s why I want to continue to produce, non-stop.”

“The secret of success is to really love your job.”

Fashion Visionary of the Year
“For me, style is not just a concept about clothes or appearance. Having style requires an integrity that includes your lifestyle, ideas and what you do as well as what you wear. Style is a state problem. Fashion is temporary, your style is permanent. A perfect and original one. key to style is knowing oneself and finding the style that speaks to it. When creating the Bee Goddess brand, I set out by saying ‘essence instead of jewelry, a symbol of the soul instead of a status symbol’. My intention is for my jewelry to reach the light of one’s soul and reflect it. chasing my dreams is the biggest reason I got to where I am today. My job is my love, an ocean that nourishes and enriches my soul. Sharing the light that flows into my life and my heart with the whole world is a sacred mission that increases my strength every day with Bee Goddess. Another secret of my success is always behind me. my family and coworkers, my group. Strong, create My only goal is to create a hive of love and light with the jewelry I designed for women who are positive, successful, hardworking, friendly, who thinks of others, who place goodness at the center of their lives, and who are self-respecting.”

“Authenticity, positive thinking and boldly pursuing my dreams are the main reasons I got to where I am today.”

Style Icon of the Year

“Style; the expression of the soul. A way of expressing oneself. I choose the pieces in which I feel beautiful in every area of ​​my life. What I am inspired by while doing this is the voices that come from within me. In every choice in my life, I never give up on my path in the light of the voices that come from within me. What you do is not as a job, Seeing your body as a limb, as a source of life for your body to breathe is the secret of success. The secret of success is that the spirit of a state of passion overflows from every particle of your body. It is for making dreams come true. Most importantly, the strong feelings that accompany me spiritually in my world that make up my day, my determination to produce, my inspiration. and my excitement multiplying inside me. To be side by side with human beings, all of whom are my only soul stone, to meet the future together.”

“I think the secret of success is to see what you do not as a job, but as a part of your body, a source of life for your body to breathe…”

ELLE Girl of the Year

“For me, style is a whole that a person reflects with his/her stance, idea, behavior, strength and character. How you reflect your soul is more important than what you wear. I generally favor simplicity and comfort. As for the secret of success… I still see myself at the beginning of the road, there are so many things I want to achieve, I still have a long way to go. But the most important thing I can say for the point I’ve reached so far is to believe in myself and believe in myself no matter how hard the conditions are. I don’t stop dreaming. I have so many dreams… Of course, as an actor, I want to challenge myself with roles that push my limits, and surprise the audience with my completely different ways. Bringing to life characters that I can inspire the audience, who have a cause and will touch their hearts, and do works that will take place on international platforms. , I want to watch myself in countries I can’t even imagine.”

“No matter how hard the conditions were, I never stopped believing and dreaming in myself.”

MAC Cosmetics
Show Your Colors Special Award

“I see being in style as traveling in my own time. The colors and textures that are filtered from the tastes and experiences of all Hearts, children and teens, trying to understand what they want to do before adulthood, create my style. Like MAC Cosmetics It is very valuable to receive an award from a brand that I value, and to have an award about colors. There are wonderful ladies in this world who teach me to show my colors. And the more fearless I am, the more I can dress and walk without fear. It means wearing the pieces that show, reflect the person we are. It is also very important to be able to give a statement. I found the secret to success when I stopped denying it. If I accomplished something, I saw a lot of chance to say to myself, ‘I did it.’ I started to express what I felt when I realized what happened. Now, I can say without hesitation that I am proud of the album I made, my favorite songs and the novel I wrote. I have many dreams, the wish of being able to spread peace, productivity, more contentment and hope, to be more involved in the foundation of a country where gender inequality and injustice has disappeared, and to give more children and young people hope for what they can do in the future.

“Receiving an award for colors from a valuable brand like MAC Cosmetics is very valuable. There are amazing ladies who teach me to show my colors. And the more fearless I am, the more I can dress and walk without fear.”

Hair Artist of the Year
“Style means to be comfortable and comfortable for me. I try to choose timeless pieces. However, this does not mean that I ignore the current. Being simple is my first rule, I also pay attention to being minimal. In fact, actuality has an impact on every aspect of my life. It affects my dreams and future projects. “I love this job and I want to work very much. That’s why it’s very important for me to stay up-to-date and maintain continuity, and my dreams about my profession are shaped around this.”

“It is very important for me to stay up to date and ensure continuity.”

Stylish Actress of the Year

“Style is a whole that reflects the whole state of feeling from how it looks to how it feels. Identification of it only with the choice of clothes makes style easy. Beyond the image, when you integrate all the elements of life, from your profession to your personality, into every moment of your life in harmony, the concept of style emerges. And what does fashion mean? style becomes concrete when you can reflect your own soul on your appearance, no matter what it indicates. “The world will cooperate with you.” I like. I love from the heart, independent of everything, from a place of self-interest. When I play, I feel that I am improving and growing. In fact, there is nothing else that excites me and makes me feel so passionate right now, other than playing. Before I started acting, I was giving voluntary education to children at TEGV. Now, I want to use the point I have reached in different studies that will support children’s dreams in this field. If we can make a difference in the life of even a single child, the world will change. In the future, I want to be in jobs that touch children’s lives and provide tangible benefits for their self-development.”

“I love to play. I love it from the heart, independently of everything, from a disinterested place. There is nothing that makes me feel so passionate right now other than playing.”

Fashion Designer of the Year

“Having style stems from having a permanent style. For us, style means the timeless style that a person creates with his/her own choices. We both have a very busy work schedule and have three dogs. Because of this, we prefer to wear more sporty and comfortable clothes in our daily lives. In short, we like to combine elegance with comfort. In our opinion, the secret of success is to work hard and to set goals. We constantly strive to follow innovations in order to see how we want to see our brand in the future. The importance of the first New York Fashion Week fashion show we held is very important in our profession and success. Our brand’s sequel in the coming months The future will come. On the other hand, new collection preparations and collaboration collections continue at full speed. Although it is not clear, a surprise project we will do abroad at the end of the summer is in the middle of our agenda.”

“For us, style is the timeless style created by one’s own unique choices.”

Brand Collaboration of the Year

“Style is a very personal thing. I think it is very related to how one wants to reflect oneself. It’s like an expression of identity. The people whose style we love are always people who don’t compromise themselves and who have made their unique interpretations iconic over the years. I still feel that I am changing and transforming every day. she changes with me. I like things that I don’t like for a while. And because of my job, I love being able to try different shapes and be other women. But no matter what I do, I love to do Serenay. I think there is no secret to my success. Whatever happened, it happened before your eyes. Because I have become the person I am today by working like everyone else, by striving, by following the things I believe in, by learning from my mistakes, by counting every experience as a profit, by falling and getting up again. The only difference is that my life concerns so many people… The cornerstones of my journey are my mother, much I guess love is a pretty self-belief. I have a job that I love very much. That’s why I feel lucky. I care very much about living in every way, doing the things that I love as long as I live and that make me happy. In the middle of my dreams for the future, first of all, there is a healthy, satisfied and peaceful life. Because without this trio, neither success nor reaching the biggest dream has any taste. I want to travel more, work more, enjoy life more.”

“Because of my job, I love being able to try different shapes and be other women. But no matter what I do, I love to do Serenay.”

Fashion Influencer of the Year

“Style is the complement of one’s accessories and actions in harmony. A person’s accessories are the music he listens to, the book he reads, his worldview, his taste, the family/friend environment he is happy with when he is in the middle… His actions are how he perceives and lives them. A person with style is only she invests not only in her wardrobe but also in herself. I tried to bring an action that I enjoy doing into her business model. I act as if I have started this business again every day because a new Yasemin wakes up every day. Time is precious. I try both to get closer to the minute hand and to learn from past experiences. I try to move forward by taking references. I try to present the spirit of brands and the spirit of Fashion Passion in a unity; I do not promote products that I do not use. If we talk about the designs I made for my own brand Muse For All, I can say this: “Yasemin, what piece is missing in your closet and what kind of design would you like to wear?” Muse For All’s up-to-dateness and timelessness. If there is a secret to my success, it is in the freedom to reflect my soul on my profession. Muse For All has a fairly decent following abroad and I started working on opening a store abroad. I started to act without terminating myself or my brand I’m working. My dreams are evolving into projects, and projects into realization.”

“If there is a secret to my success, it is in the freedom to reflect my soul to my profession.”

Stylish Athlete of the Year

“Style is one of my methods of expressing myself and motivating myself. I can say that simplicity and strength come to the fore in the way I motivate myself in my intense match, training and camp schedule. I do not chase trends but I am a person who values ​​fashion and style and spends time. We professional athletes are actually stories. I got the attention of my current club, VakıfBank, which made volleyball auditions at my school when I was only 12, and I got the right to join the infrastructure. And today, I have a life style that feeds each other with a work that continues at a much higher pace and to constantly improve myself and learn from its shortcomings. A lot of effort, believing and dreaming more are the cornerstones of the journey that brought me here. Behind my success are my family, dozens of people I should count in one breath and of course my club VakıfBank. Our goal is to be successful in all lanes and to constantly improve my own game. Zehra outside the hall wants to read, discuss what she reads and even write. She wants to be an inspiration not only to little girls, but to everyone who has a goal and a dream, and whispers to them when they are tired, ‘don’t give up, you can do it’. And he wants this most for everyone who cannot be accepted quickly in society because of their differences.”

“I can say that simplicity and strength come to the fore in the way I motivate myself in an intense match, training and camp schedule. I am a person who does not chase trends, but values ​​fashion and style, and spends time.”

For 2022 ELLE STYLE AWARDS X MAC, our jury selected award winners in 22 categories, but some of these heats could not participate in our shoot due to work calendars. Who are these precious names?

Digital Project of the Year

Gökçe Bahadır, Barış Arduç, Asude Kalebek, Salih Bademci, Fırat Tanış, Metin Akdülger, Zeynep Günay, Tan Seren Yüce, Necati Şahin, Rana Denizer, Serkan Yörük, Ayşin Akbulut, Bengü Third.

One of our two categories, which received the votes of 13 of our 13-person jury, was the ‘Club’ series, which was chosen as the Digital Project of the Year. With the influence of the ELLE Pop Up special Nostalgia Issue that we created for the series, which has gained great acclaim with its story and characters, as well as its visual power, period costumes and music since the day it was broadcast on Netflix, our votes were definitely the winner. We are very glad that the whole jury agreed. Let’s see what some members of the group have to say about their contributions to the Club…

“Matilda’s pain was so intense and heavy that my feelings began to change, too. I was in a state of crying if you touched me for almost the entire set. Because she blamed herself, Matilda had moved away from talking and laughing, and she had become concrete and petrified with a sense of guilt; but she is actually a very fragile and offended lady.”Gokce Bahadir

“I can say that İsmet is a rootless person and he is not ready to let go of these roots because he doesn’t feel like he belongs anywhere. They have traumas related to family and the concept of being a family. This prepares him for life at an early age. He’s grieving with the world, but he’s still a jovial and very unique man who enjoys life.”Baris Arduc

“If I had to describe Rachel in one word, I think I would say untamed. She is a girl who does not think, knows no shame, and is unaware of social constructions. That’s why I think he’s a raw human being who isn’t smooth and uncultivated.”
Asude Kalabek

“Selim is a person who realized that the entertainment industry had to change in the changing world and Turkey of the 1950s, dreamed of creating a show and was ambitious for it. He became a character that we tried to create from scratch, from his hair to his gaze, eyes and costume.”Salih Bademci

“A person who can hold on to life thanks to Orhan Club, freedom is the most beautiful show in the world for him. Dreaming is the first step to this show for him.”Metin Akdülger

“I was very interested in the fact that it was a story that looked at the concept of family backwards. In other words, instead of blessing the family, the approach of the people in the family to each other as individuals and the whole process they went through attracted my attention. Later, when we started working with our editorial room for that real story, we created a framework to tell the story of people who have been discriminated against and feel other than themselves.”Zeynep Gunay Tan

“We shot by setting some codes ourselves, paying attention to a lot of different things and trying not to miss anything. After establishing a general language, I think these elements were blended within themselves. Everyone, especially the art group, acted very carefully.”Seren Yuce

“Basically, the story I wanted to tell constantly was the journey of these three ladies (my grandmother, mother and Rana). We have fictionalized all the characters, places and events except the nuclear family so that the focus and range of this story, whose code name is “Shine, My Star”, does not shift. We even twisted and twisted my own family story to fit the drama, changing places and times.”Rana Denizer

Stylish Musician of the Year

Edis, who started playing the piano at the age of 4, became addicted with the song “Seagulls” last summer, and took firm steps forward with his voice and talent, has a different style that we see in his music videos. Especially colorful and patterned shirts and leather jackets suit him incredibly. More importantly, he manages to create a personal signature by reflecting this style to his daily street style.

For Edis, the color red has a completely different meaning. His red wristband, which he never took off, is a symbol of this. Edis believes that this color brings him luck. She says that she likes to have this color on her wrist, and seeing red next to ordinary colors every day inspires her. “I think red has the power to differentiate,” she even says.

Stylish Art Person of the Year

Haluk Akakçe, who has reached a different dimension in the international platform with his art, came to Istanbul from New York on the occasion of a booth four years ago and decided to produce in Istanbul to spend time with his family. “Whether it’s sexual identity or racial culture; Now we live in a texture where everything is intertwined. What are we heading towards? Did you know that the artist with a creative spirit, who says “to the essence of man…”, transforms/designs/sew his clothes himself:

“Since I was a child, I used to save my money and buy foreign fashion magazines. I like to use different fabrics and different tools. I have patterns and logos. Clothes, bags, accessories, etc… Everything is at the experimental stage right now. I formed a group in my workshop. This gets me very excited. Recently, we have received a lot of attention from my environment and there are even those who want to order. Regarding fashion, I have an inactive platform called haute-couture.com.”

Collection Collaboration of the Year

We are very used to collaborations in fashion. One of the ones that impressed us the most last year was the 8 March International Women’s Day special collection, which was prepared in collaboration with Les Benjamins Women’s Collection Chief Designer Lamia Aydın and visual artist Esra Gülmen, inspired by feminist phrases that come to life in urban images and street art.

“We focused on women who support and empower each other with strong statements. Together as women, we can make the impossible possible.” Lamia Aydın “Gender inequality, sexism, clichés about women… We tried to touch on every aspect of feminism. I am very glad that we are giving these papers from this country where being a woman is very difficult.” Esra Gulmen


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