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The eye is the organ that attracts the most attention at first glance. In recent years, with the use of masks in our lives, it has come to the …

The eye is the organ that attracts the most attention at first glance. In recent years, with the use of masks in our lives, it has come to the fore even more. The eyelids are one of the areas where the effects of aging are seen the most. Due to its structure, it is inevitable to experience wrinkles and sagging on the eyelids.

As such, many applications related to the eye area quickly became known. One of these applications is eyelid aesthetics. Vanity Estetik, located in Altunizade, Istanbul, offers aesthetic tests with surgical and non-surgical applications, with the support of internationally certified physicians and 24/7 patient consultant.


The area around the eyes is one of the areas most affected by the changes over the years. This situation around the eyes can cause an older appearance.

Eyelid aesthetics, which was recognized in the last period, is an application that smoothes the general appearance of the face. There are three different types of eyelid surgery. Which operation will be preferred, The state of the eyes and their health status are evaluated; decide which one to choose.


Over time, sagging of the upper eyelid may occur. Although there is no real vision loss, the eye is physically affected by this situation. When such a complaint is experienced, upper eyelid surgery may be preferred. In this operation, the focus is on the upper eyelid. By making the eyelid look rounder and more open; eyelid function is restored.

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Lower eyelid surgery is another eyelid aesthetic. Removal of wrinkles on the lower eyelid, correction of under-eye puffiness and beautification of the appearance are provided.

Double eyelid surgery can also be considered as another option. By creating a fold line on the upper eyelid; a larger and larger-looking eye is created. It is especially applied to people who obviously do not have a fold on the upper eyelid, but who want to have this image. After the operation, individuals generally return to their normal lives without any problems.

Facial applications have a very positive effect on self-confidence. With eyelid surgery, you can create the desired effect. The fact that the results are quite successful is effective in being so popular in the last period. However, it is valuable to obtain detailed information about the operation before making a decision. Although it is a well-known practice, it is valuable to choose an internationally certified surgeon for the operation, as in Vanity Aesthetics.

Eyelid aesthetics is an aesthetic operation that provides very safe and effective results, preferred by both men and women. However, as with any operation, eyelid surgery can have possible complications and side effects. After surgery, eye itching, dryness and other discomforts can be controlled with eye drops and other medications. Although there are traces due to human biology wherever the incision is made, it is almost impossible to detect the scars of this region when the wound maturation is completed, since the eyelid skin is very thin. As in all aesthetic operations, it should not be forgotten that some time must pass before the results of the eyelid operation appear.

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Vanity Estetik is committed to the highest level of patient satisfaction with its internationally certified, expert medical team. For more information, you can reach Vanity Estetik at vanityestetik.com, @vanityestetik social media accounts and 0850 441 54 44

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