Seben Koçibey, who took his starting point and logo inspiration from the legendary water nymph Nymph; He brings together the eternal muse of …

Seben Koçibey, who took his starting point and logo inspiration from the legendary water nymph Nymph; He brings together the eternal muse of “woman” with his designs, which he describes as the embodiment of his wishes and ego. The haute-couture beachwear modules, which the designer considers each a jewel in its own right, spread from Istanbul, which harbors the mysticism of the Ottoman Harem, to the beaches in summer, and to gala and red carpet events in autumn.

Inspired by the confident, provocative and aesthetic superiority of the harem, Seben Koçibey is born from the unique combination of design and craftsmanship. The brand, which embodies the Ottoman sultans and the Crimean princes at the same time, reflects the aesthetic and pleasantness that it always considers as a module of its cultural and environmental predisposition to its eye-catching designs. While the Seben Koçibey collections bring the unique mystical and exotic side of Istanbul to their collections, they reflect real luxury with their precious materials and the details of the fine craftsmanship, and allow the women who wear their works to experience this passion personally.

Seben Koçibey adds a mysterious interpretation to beach fashion, unlike conventional designs, thanks to her striking works covered with precious and eye-catching stones and containing exquisite handcrafted touches, while with the arrival of autumn, it becomes an indispensable combination module of events. Having options such as swimsuits, bikinis and kimonos in her collections, the designer brings an elegant and sophisticated breath to women’s summer wardrobes and offers distinguished design alternatives, and heralds that they will make a difference by using these cuts in the middle of women’s activity in autumn.


Standing out with its Jewel of the Sea and Riviera collections, the brand does not intend to make its name known only in beach clothes; While combining summer days with daytime elegance, collection cuts that can be carried to evening combinations, adapted from day to night and always promising elegance, will frequently appear at events in the autumn-winter period.

Seben Koçibey, reflecting the embodied form of the perfect silhouette on her designs and infiltrating the wardrobes of the world’s leading ladies in many locations in various countries including the United States of America, Arab Emirates, France, and Greece, with an average production capacity of 400 modules per month, offers women who want to feel special and unique. It offers an opportunity to experience. The brand, which describes the Grand Bazaar, which has a great reputation in the world, as a playground and prefers the world’s best quality Italian Carvico fabrics in its production, as well as fast-drying, strong and high-tech fabrics, continues to work diligently in its patterns. The brand symbolizing femininity, which is the most valued factor in its designs; The color palette includes colors such as black, navy green, silver, red, gold, turquoise and royal purple.

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