Runda, which means ‘mystery’ in Irish, is Turkey’s first sustainable jewelery brand, creating luxury and environmentally friendly designs …

Runda, which means ‘mystery’ in Irish, is Turkey’s first sustainable jewelery brand, creating luxury and environmentally friendly designs inspired by the mystical and flawless cycle of nature.

Integrating its philosophy with a transparent and sustainable system, Runda Jewelry includes 100% recycled gold and ‘lab-created’ diamonds in all of its jewelery in order to reduce our carbon footprint in the world. We heard about the brand from its founding partners Hüseyin Abdik and Mesut Abdik.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you decided to establish the brand?

As the two founding partners of Runda, we are the third generation of a 60-year-old brand with a great production and craft history. We took this path with the aim of standing on our own feet by establishing a brand in which we focused on brand ideology, branding and design. Our passion for jewelry started at a very young age when we entered the kitchen. We are proud to be the first sustainable jewelery brand in Turkey. As a conscious new generation that always wants transparency and innovation, our desire to reveal our own style with the right production, recycling techniques and sophisticated designs motivates us.

Did you always plan to be sustainable while establishing Runda Jewelry, Turkey’s first sustainable jewelry brand?

Certainly. In fact, we would like it to be one-to-one for many brands. We consider sustainability to be a very critical issue these days because of the damage done to the ecosystem and the non-human-oriented economic developments. Sustainability is not a choice for us, it is a necessity. We believe that it will not be possible to leave a beautiful world to future generations if we continue to be sensitive to nature and the ecosystem.

Do you think it is more difficult for jewelry brands to market themselves sustainably, and if so, why?

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At first, the relationship between sustainability and jewelery may seem a little dim. When people encounter this concept for the first time, they may be confused, especially since there are not many examples in Turkey. Gold has been recycled for centuries, so what do we mean when we say sustainability and upcycling? It’s our job to tell people about it. We would like to point out that today’s consumers are conscious, respectful to nature and researching the products they will buy in more detail. From material sourcing to production process and packaging, the search for transparent communication is on the rise.

The jewelry industry, which was a craft in the first place, later became a large-scale industry, increasing its impact on the environment. Now, with the emergence of a demand for consumer products in which the production process is meticulously examined and the attitude towards nature is important, the jewelry industry has also been affected. Thanks to our sustainable approach, we also received positive feedback. Questions began to arise in the minds of consumers about recycled gold and lab-made diamonds. It is customary at the beginning that there are some prejudices, but we explain our production process to people in detail and clear the question marks in their heads. In addition to this, people may be worried about the reality of diamonds, but we resolve them both with our transparency and with the certificates we receive after being audited by third-party organizations.

You have been awarded the Responsible Jewelery Council certificate, whose members include all the world’s leading jewelery brands. How did it evolve? What is the inspiration behind your designs?

Responsible Jewelery Council certificate can be obtained by transparently examining important points such as ethics, human rights, social and environmental factors. We, too, work for a sustainable future in every sense with our production processes that center on respect for nature and humanity. We use maximum recycled and soluble materials in every detail, from raw materials to packaging. In addition, we provide a sustainable and ethical working environment with our principle “Good designs are born with appropriate groups”. We care about the happiness of each of our employees who contribute to all stages of your product until it reaches you. In addition, we have earned the right to receive this certificate by evaluating our precious metals in our own facility with very low waste rates.

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While preparing our collections, we take our inspiration from the flawless cycle and ancient wisdom of nature. Moonlight, one of our first collections, is inspired by the moon and its cycles, and Helios is inspired by the sun and its myths. Chloris, the goddess of flowers and spring in mythology, describes the blossoming trees and the awakening of nature with precious stones and diamonds. For the Endless collection, the green tones representing the birth and the positive aura of Malachite came to the fore and inspired us. Acting in line with our sustainability principle, we wanted to emphasize the nature’s self-renewal architecture. So, our source of inspiration is nature.

In your opinion, what kind of effect does jewelery add to a style?

Jewelry is not only a sign of a group, but also a beautiful work of art. It is also known for its defiance against time. While talking about personality, pleasure, general culture, a good jewelery also adds a color to the style by representing power.

Are there any signature details that you definitely include in your designs?

Our first step in our designs has always been to blend nature and life in line with humanism. As Runda, we value the history of humanity, its history, beliefs and the materials that will be brought back to nature. You can come across images representing nature and its unique forms in each of our designs.

How would you describe the world of Runda Jewelry in three words?

Nature-loving, sustainable, ethical.

What are your goals for the future of the brand?

Our biggest goal for the future of our brand is to make people more conscious while gaining more awareness. We bring our stories and designs together with people through online channels in Turkey and various parts of the world. As the awareness of our brand increases, we will donate more saplings at the same time and we will support various nature projects.

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Are you ready for a new collection for the upcoming period? What are your near future plans?

We will be announcing our new “Achates” collection soon. The collection was created using agate stone, which represents the power and balance in nature. As in all our other collections, the story and designs of Achates will be very deep. We want to bring our collection to our customers as soon as possible. We are also in the preparation phase of our special collection, which we prepared together with one of Turkey’s most important designers and will be launched in September. We believe that the designs, every detail of which is prepared with care, will be a signature. We are very pleased to realize this designer collaboration, which is a first for Runda, with him. We look forward to presenting this special collection to you.

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Taken from ELLE Turkey June 2022 issue.

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