What Causes Skin Dryness? What are the Symptoms and Causes?

Dry skin is one of the most common skin problems. Genetic and environmental factors can dry the skin and threaten skin health. Skin dryness …

Dry skin is one of the most common skin problems. Genetic and environmental factors can dry the skin and threaten skin health. Skin dryness, which can be defined as the condition of the skin not having the moisture it needs, can reduce the softness and elasticity of the skin.

Contrary to popular belief, this situation does not only affect women, people of all ages may encounter the problem of skin dryness. When skin dryness is not intervened in its true form, various problems such as itching, flaking and cracking may occur on the skin. Again, instead of feeling pessimistic, the skin can be moisturized with correct care processes. What is valuable is the truth determination of the skin type and the appropriate use of quality products that relieve skin dryness. In this article, you can find the precautions to be taken for skin dryness and the most frequently asked questions about skin dryness.

What Causes Skin Dryness?

“What causes dry skin?” Unfortunately, there is no single definitive answer to the question. Various causes of skin dryness can be counted, from the low amount of water consumed daily, to age, from exposure to sunlight, to disruption of daily care processes. If we need to make a general pronunciation, we can list the factors that cause skin dryness in the following form;

  • The sources preferred as a heater in the environment can reduce the humidity in the environment and cause the skin to dry.
  • Not suitable for skin type; The use of skin care products with a drying effect, such as alcohol, dries the skin.
  • Cold, windy and low humidity climates can dry out the skin.
  • Using hot water for a long time while bathing can lead to dry skin.
  • Individuals with skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis (eczema) or psoriasis are more likely to have dry skin.
  • Medical treatments can cause skin dryness.

There are also various risk factors that can cause skin dryness. Aging, frequent washing of hands, not drinking enough water, and not moisturizing the skin systematically can also result in skin dryness.

Apart from all these environmental and behavioral factors, skin structure can also cause skin dryness. Individuals with dry skin should not disrupt their daily skin care processes for dry skin. Dry and sensitive skin care should definitely be done in a way that meets the needs of the skin.

What are the Causes of Skin Dryness?

Skin dryness can develop due to the skin losing too much water and oil. In some cases, the skin of the person may be dry or prone to dryness. With aging, the skin becomes thinner and dry. This is because with aging, the metabolism changes and the sebaceous glands in the skin begin to work less. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity and moisture. For this reason, there is a need to use a proper moisturizer, especially from the age of 40.

Symptoms of Skin Dryness

The symptoms of skin dryness and the causes of skin dryness are among the most curious points of people who complain about this issue. In individuals with skin dryness problems; Conditions such as peeling, flaking, cracking and graying of the skin may occur. When dry skin cracks, it’s possible for germs to enter the skin and cause an infection.

How Does Skin Dryness Pass?

For skin dryness, skin care products that meet the needs of the skin should be used. Moisturising cream is one of these works. Moisturizing creams, which are the most valuable step in removing skin dryness, provide the removal of moisture deficit of the skin. It is also possible to use body oils to moisturize the skin. Oil is more durable than a moisturizer, and it can also prevent the evaporation of water from the skin’s surface. The use of cleansing creams, gentle skin cleansers and shower gels with additional moisturizers to optimize the skin’s moisture stability brings valuable advantages.


Daily Skin Care Advice for Dry Skin

“How to care for dry skin?” The answer to the question is the key to many people having healthy skin. Dry skin care should be done completely and regularly, as in all skin types.

Skin care for dry skin and dry and sensitive skin care are processes that should be carried out using skin care products with different properties. People with dry skin should prefer facial cleansers suitable for their skin type instead of facial cleansers containing alcohol, soap and perfume, which can further dry the skin. At the same time, they should use tonics suitable for the skin type again to ensure that the skin is more moisturized and to increase the effect of the serum and moisturizer to be applied on it. As one of the most effective elements that moisturize dry skin, serums containing hyaluronic acid can be used. Products containing hyaluronic acid allow water to be retained in the subcutaneous tissues and at the same time help the skin to have a lively appearance.

Since the dead skin layer is formed more in dry skin, peeling products that will not dry the skin should be applied at reasonable intervals. Sheet masks can also be used to provide heavy hydration. Since fine lines and wrinkles can be seen more on dry skin due to lack of moisture, a very proper moisturizing eye cream should be purchased, especially for the sensitive eye area.

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