eczema ; It is a skin disease that is seen on the skin after allergy, tension, exposure to chemicals. In the midst of the most basic …

eczema ; It is a skin disease that is seen on the skin after allergy, tension, exposure to chemicals. In the midst of the most basic symptoms is severe dryness of the skin. Apart from this, symptoms such as itching, scaly image, blisters, redness, dandruff formation on the scalp may also occur. Skin diseases known as eczema include;

  • Atopic Eczema
  • Xeroitc Eczema
  • Contact Eczema
  • Nummular Eczema
  • Allergic Eczema


The cause of the formation of eczema is determined and treatment is applied. Caused by chemicals eczema It is recommended to use skin-friendly and organic products instead of chemicals used regularly. In particular, chemicals such as soap, disinfectant and detergent cause damage to the skin barrier. If the cause of eczema is allergic artifacts, these artifacts should be detected. Genetic factors can also cause eczema formation. There are some conditions that need to be considered in order to prevent eczema and to minimize its effects. These;

  • Areas with eczema should not be itchy.
  • Depending on the season, if possible, a warm shower should be taken every day. Areas with eczema should be dried with buffering.
  • Stress and fearful situations should be avoided.
  • While cleaning, chemicals should not be touched and gloves should be used.
  • Itching or moisturizing creams recommended by the doctor should be used on the part of the eczema.
  • Cotton clothes should be worn, woolen or fleece clothes should not be in direct contact with the skin.
  • Attention should be paid to daily water consumption and consumption should be at least as much as water measure.
  • It is necessary to moisturize the whole body after a shower.
  • Nutrition and diet program should be applied and allergic materials should be avoided.
  • Care should be taken to use natural and doctor-recommended products instead of harmful chemical-containing products used in hand and hair cleaning.
  • The environment should be ventilated quite often during the day.


Eczema is a skin condition that can be caused by many reasons. In order to determine the effective treatment method, the root cause should be investigated. Since it is a chronic disease, there is no direct treatment. This situation may vary depending on the cause of eczema. Eczema treatment methods It is often done to reduce or prevent symptoms. In the treatment of eczema, which is encountered as dryness on the skin, the issues that cause an allergic reaction are determined. Afterwards, moisturizing creams suitable for the structure of the skin are used to prevent dryness. Corticosteroid medications and ointments can be recommended under the supervision of a physician, in accordance with the condition of the eczema and the structure of the patient. Anti-itch ointments are also recommended in order not to cause deeper damage to the surface of the skin and not to aggravate the symptoms. Depending on the diagnosis of this disease, it may be necessary to make changes in the diet.


Eczema treatment prices 2022without determining for the year, primarily eczema diagnosis is required. This diagnosis can be made by an allergist or dermatologist. The treatment system is determined in accordance with the diagnosis made, and the process prices can only be determined in this form. If there will be only ointment application for the applied treatment method, the examination price, if necessary, the test price and the drug price constitute the treatment prices. In this context, the prices of the doctors and hospitals from which service is received may also cause changes on the prices.

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It is very valuable to proceed with a specialist physician for the treatment of eczema. It is also necessary to pay attention to the selection of a specialist who can apply the real treatment for protection from deep damage that may occur in the skin and for an active beautification. Since all processes applied on the skin surface are directly visible, it is useful to be careful with this scope. Every application performed to adapt the skin can also cause long-term destruction of the skin. Expert in the field prof. Dr. Cihan SARIFAKIOGLU is in the middle of the leading solid doctors in the field. You can visit dermoankara.com to get detailed information about the subjects he specializes in.

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