What is Genital Aesthetics?

Genital aesthetics is a surgical formula performed to treat mental disorders in the genital area. Deformities in the genital area cause self …

Genital aesthetics is a surgical formula performed to treat mental disorders in the genital area. Deformities in the genital area cause self-confidence problems and negative situations in daily life.

Vaginal surgery and female genital plastic surgeryAlso known as surgical operations, it is aimed to gain self-confidence and harmony with the partner in his sexual life. aesthetic genital surgeryIts processes are named as labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, cliteroplisti, majoraplasty, clitoral hudoplasty, perineal aesthetics, monsplasty, large lip filling, and hymenoplasty.

Situations in need of genital aesthetics?

There may be a need for genital aesthetics due to urinary incontinence, sagging after birth, sexual reluctance, sexual dysfunction, hereditary and developmental problems. for women labiaplastyThe process is the surgical correction of the labium minor known as the inner lips of the vagina, the labium major known as the outer lip, and the asymmetrical lip image known as the labial asymmetry. Hymenoplasty for womenThe process is the repair of the hymen area, which is known as the hymen in the folk language, which has been damaged by a sexual bond or a physical blow. vaginoplasty for womenThe process is the tightening of the enlarged vagina after normal delivery, after sexual intercourse, after factors such as age.

What to Consider Before Genital Aesthetic Surgery?

It is necessary to consult with a specialist physician before genital plastic surgery. Vagina aesthetics pre-You should be careful not to eat anything for a certain period of time by paying attention to your doctor’s offer to eat. Pre-vaginoplasty procedures There is no preliminary process in the middle. Before surgical operations, you need to take care of yourself. Choosing a physician is very valuable in order to avoid unexpected treatment and/or wrong practices before genital aesthetic processes. If there is a medication or chronic disease used regularly before the surgical operation, you must inform your doctor beforehand.


What Should Be Considered After Genital Aesthetic Surgery?

After Vaginal Aesthetics In the middle of things to be considered, care should be taken not to keep the genital area moist. Sexual intercourse needs to be given a medium of four weeks. It is necessary to stay away from tight clothes and clothes that restrict mobility. It is useful to moderate sports activities only to take a light walk. It is also valuable to apply applications such as epilation, which includes personal care, according to the advice of your doctor. It will be necessary to give middle to sports activities such as swimming and cycling. Pre-vaginoplasty procedures It is necessary to act in accordance with the offer of your doctor. In vaginal surgeries, it may be recommended to stay in the hospital for 1 day, depending on the type of surgery. Cleanliness of the genital area is also in the middle of the situations that need the most attention. A certain unknown scar may remain in the operation area. The recovery period also varies according to the patient’s regular care and diet. If vaginal aesthetics is performed with laser technology, the smoothing process can occur much faster.

Genital Aesthetic Prices

Vagina aesthetic prices It is determined according to the type of surgery and the condition of the patient. In addition to this, which hospital the patient chooses is also valuable. The expertise of the surgeon performing the surgery is also one of the factors for determining the price of the surgeries. It is not possible to determine a standard price for each patient at the same time. As a result of the examination by a specialist physician, the price is determined by considering all the processes.

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How to Choose a Truth Physician for Genital Aesthetics?

A physician who specializes in genital aesthetics should be selected. Vaginal aesthetic plastic surgeon selection is very valuable in order not to regret later. Genital aesthetic surgeries are performed by gynecologists or surgeons. Apart from these specialties, genital aesthetics is also an issue in the field of plastic surgery and it is necessary to pay attention to the expertise of the physician selected in this field.

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